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Bridgerton Season 2 is now on Netflix! Get history from our Podcast and documentation here!

Bridgerton Series 2 Historical Evidence

Regency Period:

Royal Collection Trust

Queen Charlotte

The National Portrait Gallery:

PBS Frontline:


Oprah Daily


British Titles

Indigenous people 1607

Current news from Indian Country:

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Peoples as the Historical Custodians of the Land at William & Mary

British American Colonies

Library of Congress:

National Park Service Virginia Company of London:

Historic James Towne:

Protest & Diplomacy:

Tar and Feather:

George R. T. Hewes Boston Tea Party witness:

Olive Branch Petition:



Articles of Confederation:


War of 1812

Declaration of War:,into%20law%20the%20following%20day.

The White House Historical Association:

Dolley Madison/Paul Jennings and George Washington Portrait:


Treaty of Ghent:

From the Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson:

Race in Shondaland

The Cut: Cure for Racism?

Grey’s Anatomy:

The problem with colorblind casting:

The Sharmas:

British presence in India

Asian Century Institute:

Colonization of British India

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