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Happy Women's History Month

I am optimistic about March! I am starting over with my podcast. I am beginning film school. I will be traveling to Arkansas for the first time with Southeastern Museums Conference. I am celebrating myself and womanhood. I am supported. I am finding ways to be a support. The weather is warming up here in Georgia and it is time for me to plan my small garden and dream. March 2 is significant to me for many reasons. My maternal grandparents' wedding anniversary (now heavenly) is on the 2. My late mother also had her stroke on March 2 2015 changing my life and hers forever. I am taking time to remember and also move forward as my Mother's charge was for me to take care of myself always and especially if something tragic happened to her. 2015 and especially now that is my charge. If it does not make me smile, I'm not doing it.

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