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Hello world!

I am Deitrah J. Taylor. My middle name is the inspiration for the name of this business. I am a practicing public historian and dramaturg. I am a native Georgian with ancestors from the coastal sand and red clay. I was called to my profession while listening to my elders on their various porches on summer evenings. My mother is the reason I am fascinated with stories. She was a high school English teacher and made sure I had an environment filled with them from elders, authors, poets, theatrical productions, and film. I found the stories of real people the most captivating especially the ones my elders told about our family.

I have worked for years in Central Georgia as I was a caregiver for my mother who transitioned in August of 2021. In that time I obtained two degrees, worked with museums, higher education, and theatrical institutions. During the pandemic, I continued working virtually with theatres and historical institutions conducting research and collaborating on virtual productions. I also started a podcast which I paused when my mother's health declined. In honor of my mother, I am taking care of myself during the grieving process and slowly getting back to my projects. I am looking at the possibility of relocating in the near future. I am excited to share this company and this space with you all. Best, Deitrah J. Taylor-The Joyeful Time Traveler

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