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Jan/February 2022

Happy New Year and Happy Black History Month! I have been taking some time out for self care and healing as this is the first year in which my mother does not exist. I also lost two people as I start the new year. I spent January organizing myself with vision boards, journaling and looking for new opportunities.

During black history month I have been focusing on research and dramaturg. A bright spot in this new year transition was working with playwright Prentiss Matthews on a new play centering black joy and the holiday spirit. The highlight of my New Year’s Day was having dinner with Prentiss and his partner Dorian and introducing them to Bucees.

The highlight of my black history month was presenting my dramaturgy process and ideas to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival via Zoom. I discussed dramaturgy as time travel and talked about how my museum experiences informed my process on several productions.

I have been working on material for my podcast. I completed reading Julia Quinn’s Brigerton and Rockesby series, have been following HBOs Julian Fellows’ The Guilded Age and have reviewed the 2021 version of Westside Story among other materials. Hope to be time traveling with all of you soon!


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