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October 2021

October brought many challenges. My father became very ill. He had always been healthy. since my Mother passed away in August I had to find a way to care for him without staying with him in the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions. Fortunately he pulled through. I emerged from my COVID cocoon to attend Southeastern Museum Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was uplifting to see colleagues and friends again. I’m excited to return to cultural work and am hoping for full time employment.

I also attended the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival. I had a small fender bender on the way to Atlanta as the roads were foggy and a semi truck merged to short and removed the side view mirror from my car. I was ok and so was the truck driver. I attended the gala and the staged readings. I had a blast. The main stage was a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. I watched a full day of wonderful plays and wished my mother could have been there with me. I selected one of her favorite blankets and spent the day bundled up in her love.

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